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Tips On Eating Vegan, Plant-Based Or Gluten Free While Dining Out Or Traveling

When I first turned vegetarian, it wasn’t much of a problem for me to eat out and find vegetarian meals in restaurants. However going vegan or plant-based was little more difficult, not to even mention trying to find gluten-free friendly places for my son. It could be difficult when you are invited to go somewhere, and all you do is worry, will they have vegan options, and will there be anything gluten free for my child. It’s frustrating. Same thing when traveling. Most places like children’s museums, water parks, movies and amusement parks serve only unhealthy fast food with no vegan or GF options.

One good thing in all of this is that the times are changing. Since last year I have noticed more vegan places popping up, and more restaurants are offering vegan and gluten-free friendly foods.

I wanted to share with you some tips that helped my family and me when eating out.

– When eating out at restaurants, my best advice is to plan ahead. Find online which place you want to go to and look up their menu. If they don’t have what you are looking for, call them up and ask if they offer vegan or gluten-free options. Often when I call the place and ask, they tell me they can make certain dishes vegan and offer a separate menu for gluten-free customers. Sometimes they don’t mention this information on their website. Another thing to keep in mind is most Thai, Mexican or Indian restaurants have vegan options.

– Most restaurants will accommodate you. Just ask. Speak to your server or a manager, explain your dietary needs and you will see almost every time they will help you out. When they do, make sure to leave them a nice review. It helps their business, and you are helping other vegans know the place can be vegan-friendly.

– When visiting museums, amusement parks or even going to the movies, bring your own food. That is your best option. As I have mentioned before, most places like this offer junk food anyways which you want to avoid altogether.

– If traveling for example by plane, make sure when booking your flight you ask for a vegan meal. Unfortunately, some airlines don’t even offer that option so that I would suggest bringing your own sandwich in your carry-on bag or a purse. You may also find vegan and gluten-free meals at most major airports which are very convenient.

– Stay at places that have a kitchen. This way you can buy your own groceries and not worry about where to eat.

– My last tip is download Happy Cow, VegGuide and Find Me Gluten Free apps on your phone. They are the best resource for finding vegan and gluten-free places anywhere in the world.

Hope you find this information helpful and good luck!


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