Chocolate Vanilla Berry Oats

chocolate vanilla berry oats

Healthy and simple breakfast recipe, this chocolate vanilla berry oats is a perfect way to start your day. Simple, delicious and fulfilling!

Serves: 2


Step by Step method

  • Step 1

    In a glass food container add rolled oats, plant-based milk, and maple syrup. Mix well. Close the lid and leave in the fridge overnight.

  • Step 2

    In a small saucepan, over low-medium heat, add frozen wild blueberries and stir until thawed. Using a fork, gently mash blueberries. Remove from heat and set aside.

  • Step 3

    Remove overnight oats from the fridge and split the oats into two batches. One batch will be your vanilla flavor and the second batch will be your chocolate flavor. For vanilla oats, add vanilla extract and stir well. For chocolate oats, mix in cocoa and stir well.

  • Step 4

    To assemble: In serving glasses, add a layer of vanilla oats, followed by mashed wild blueberries, then chocolate oats and top with sliced strawberries, fresh blueberries, and sliced almonds.

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