Switching your entire family to a plant-based diet is not easy as it may seem to some. If you did not raise your kids to be vegan since they were born, you can’t expect them to make a switch overnight. For some, it is a gradual change. When I first started cooking vegan meals, not everyone was on board with me. However, I must admit my vegan meals at the beginning were not as tasty as they are now. There were times where I would cook three-four different meals because not everyone liked the same thing. As my cooking skills improved, I started introducing meals that my whole family would enjoy.

When it comes to preparing my kids’ school lunch, I would usually stick with what I know they would eat and rotate it weekly. I wanted to share with you some examples of my kids’ school lunchboxes. I try to give my kids variety, so they don’t get tired of eating the same meals every day. I also have one child who is a picky eater and can’t have gluten.

What also helped me was replacing their standard boring lunch bag with these stainless steel lunchboxes from Planetbox. I must say they were well worth it! My kids get so excited about having a variety of foods in their lunchbox; they always look forward opening their lunch to see what I’ve packed for the day. What’s nice about Planetbox, they are eco-friendly, safe and a much better alternative to toxic plastic. Better for your kids and better for the environment.