All the recipes on my site are plant-based and oil-free. I try my best to avoid refined grains and stick only with organic whole grains because they are healthier and not stripped of all the necessary nutrients. For tips on how to cook oil-free click here.

Eating clean food is very important to me. The ingredients that I use in my recipes are almost all organic and non-GMO. I say “almost” because some ingredients may not be available in organic/non-GMO option. I found this to be an issue with most gluten-free flours.

I understand that many people have sensitivities to gluten. My recipes are not all gluten-free; however, I do have many gluten-free options. For the types of flours in my gluten-free recipes, I try to stick mostly with GF organic whole oats because you can easily find it anywhere.

Regarding salt. Salt should be used very sparingly. I would say limit salt as much as possible in your diet. If you must use salt, the best way to use it is by adding a pinch of it on top of your food after plating it and not during cooking. In my recipes, I try to avoid telling you how much salt you should put. I know everyone has their preference about salt, so in most of my recipes I just say, “salt to taste.” The salt that I use in my foods is natural sea salt and Himalayan pink salt. Avoid table salt because they usually have toxic additives in them.

As far as sugar, I mostly use maple or agave syrup, and dried fruits such as dates. On some rare occasions, I may also use organic raw cane sugar. I have used powdered sugar just for decoration, or when experimenting with aquafaba, however, I would not recommend using white sugar in recipes.

In my recipes, you will see that I sometimes use canned items, such as beans or diced tomatoes. I honestly prefer fresh or cooked from scratch because I am not a big fan of canned foods. I know canned food is quicker, convenient and easier for most, so any recipes that call for canned ingredients I always mention to use bisphenol A (BPA)-free cans. Regular cans are lined with BPA chemical which leaches out in the food along with aluminum. You want to avoid these. These days you can also find other packaging alternatives to canned food, such as boxes, pouches or glass. When purchasing boxes and pouches make sure somewhere on there is a label that says “BPA-free packaging. “

Hope you found this information helpful.